I remember – A Vampire Diaries Vid

September 08

Title: I remember
Fandom: The vampire diaries*
Pairing: Damon & Elena
Song: The Arrival – Michael Nyman

Summary : This vid is spoilerish if you haven’t see Season 3.
Elena and Matt fell from the Bridge, Elena is in a state of death/non Death. She wakes up and remembers her first meeting with Damon. What he said to her, bringing back all the situation she was with him. Once awake and whisked away by Damon, she continues to remember more and more … He escort her to her door, they kiss …


Download: Here ==> 130 Mo- right click and save. | Mediafire – Download link

Coloring: Mine
Following Tutorials: @FrozenSunTutorials | @jenntutorials | @xSilverTutorials | @theGangstatutorials
Program: Sony Vegas pro9
Beta: on YT @Beathen & @Manicmea |

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