Welcome to the Galleries pages. Here are listed all the pictures / art / personal galleries.

Screenscaps gallery – Here you will find all the screenscaps related to Queer As Folk US. You will also find some high quality images.

Group - S5 - 183a.JPG Group - S1 - 16a.jpg Group - S3 - 26a.jpg
Group - S4 - 12a.JPG Group - S5 - 017a.jpg Group - S5 - 026a.jpg
Click on the thumbnails for a bigger preview – The full one is available on the gallery.

Art Gallery – Here you will find some wonderful graphics – for the moment, only two artists are listed. I really hope we will get more.

Those were made by Ai (badbadpixie over at LJ).
37melLinds.png 05vic.png 107.png
AC06_eternal.png 46compr.png

darkness.jpg galleryJT.jpg

I hope you will have fun going through the pictures and all the graphics.


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