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March 24


This is the first real tutorial I have ever done, and the first one I’ve written for this community (INSIDE KINNETIK).

Those who know me knows that I’m a bit scattered brained, and when you read this tutorial you’ll agree…. I do change my mind a lot and I do make a lot of unnecessary steps. But it’s just how I work. And I wanted to show you that it’s ok to be sort of “all over the place” as long as you’re happy with what comes out of it.

Anyway. I hope you will like it.

I’m using Photoshop CS2 for this.

We’re gonna go….



Follow the bad pixie and I’ll show you how….


…I know there’s quite a few misspelled words, but…yeah… try to ignore those, m’kay? 😉

Comments are lovely, and so are questions. If you do end up using this I would love to see what you make out of it!
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